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xenon halogen
what we do

the witness of the illuminated surface and accompanying light is extremely different from the standard bulb and normal monochromatic light. providing outstanding brightness, it is the closes tone to sunlight in output within the confined of halogen manufacture


made of high quality stainless steel, no solder is used in order to take care ot the environment


it is manufactured with precision to be in the proper position thereby ensuring that all our bulbs produce a very sharp low beam


resin type lens that generates no more heat than an ordinary glass type. it avoids the UV rays which contributes to deterioration of the bulb


the filament uses the highest quality tungsten wire and is developed with some very exclusive techniques. due to the exquisite materials and utilisation of a CCD camera to inspect and examine slight damages, we a MTEC have managed to prolong our bulbs lifespan


MTEC is very very good at pouring the halogen gas up into the bulb. the exquisite joint of the pinch brings about the long life and super high efficiency of our bulbs